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Student projects

If you are a TU/e honors student and want to work on malware/IoT devices security/Security monitoring contact me.


Offensive Computer Security (2IC80)

This is an introductory course on hacking, with a focus on computer networks and software. The full course will revolve around the idea that (most) mechanisms can be illegitimately misused to obtain (some level of) a desired behaviour; this is the very essence of computer security. We will explore network protocols and the implied trust relations they operate upon; we will look at software vulnerabilities and at how they can emerge from software code; we will look at exploit testing and automated attack frameworks; we will look at penetration testing and advanced networked attacks.


Cyber-attacks, Crime, and Defenses (CCD)

This course covers attack phases, APTs, and cybercrime operations. Jointly with Sandro Etalle.