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Funded projects


Name Funding Euro Topic Positions (TU/e) Period
INTERSECT NWA-NWO 10M (1.2M TU/e) IoT Security 8 PhD students 2019-2027
DEFRAUDIfy ITEA3 10M, 1.7M NL, 540k TU/e Cybercrime and fraud detection 1 PhD student, 1 PostDoc 2019-2022
SeReNiTy NWO 0.5M, 250k TU/e SOC Operations 1 PhD student 2020-2024
CATRIN NWA 2M, 250k TU/e Threat Intelligence 1 PhD student 2021-2026
Tot NL (TU/e) EU, NL 14.2M (2.3M TU/e) 10 PhDs, 1 PostDoc 8 yrs overall



MSc Projects


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Examples of Past projects

Student Where Topic Scientific publication
Jose Luis Torre Arce TU/e Quality control in the underground
Heijden, A. van der  RABOBANK Phishing triage Published in Usenix Security 2019. Paper
René Wouters TU/e Drug vendors/buyers profiling
Martin Rosso RU Experiments for SOC testing Follow up work published at ACM ACSAC 2020
Michele Campobasso UNIBO (erasmus) Stealth underground monitoring Published in IEEE WACCO 2019. Paper
Tzouliano Chotza KPMG Phishing response Published in IEEE Security & Privacy. Paper
Jeroen Ubbink  TU/e Weapons trafficking
Gijs Rijnders SURFNET Privacy for IoC with bloom filters Published in 16th IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management. Paper
Andrea Evangelista TU/e Darknet marketing